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A Novel About a Servant/Maid & Unrequited Love [Mar. 21st, 2009|06:44 pm]
It was over ten years ago when I read this book. It was about this really virtuous maid/servant and the young man (who's completely above her station in life) who falls in love with her. She's determined not to allow him to let his family down by marrying her. It a story of propriety versus true love.

It's not really Victorian, more like a regency period novel (but I'm not exactly sure). Anyway, I seem to recall a couple of characters names but they might be off too. Paul...Pauline...Mary (the maid/servant)? I also recall that at some point in the book, the protagonist gets stranded with young man who wants to be with her (maybe on a raft or something) and she almost gives in to his affections but they are rescued before anything improper occurs.

Anyway, I'm curious about whether anyone else is familiar with the book. The fact that I can't remember the name is really driving me crazy.
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